Being an Amazon Influencer

Amazon has different programs one can be apart of. Majority of you guys know about the whole shipping gig they have that allows you to ship people packages in your area, kinda like Uber. We all know They have the warehouse workers, and the normal amazon sellers but did you know about the influencer program ? This program allows influencers that meet their requirements to basically advertise and showcase the products they recommend to their followers, anything on Amazon ofc. So basically your followers can shop your recommendations and you can earn money from qualifying purchases at the same time! To qualify you must have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. They look at the number of followers and engagement of your social media presence.

When I applied I put down my accounts and what they had, 10k+ on instagram , 16k on tiktok & 100+on both youtube and twitter. They asked for my social, banking information and ID. After three days my account was reviewed and approved . Im still pretty new to it but heres what I got so far.

You can make a profile page with different folders, that will have links in them. Basically anyone that buys your recommendations, you can get commission on. I also haven’t figured that part out much yet but I’ve made a little something.

At first I also did not know how the payout worked so my money just sat there for a couple months. Heres my payout report . Once you set it up, they automatically deposit your fund into your account toward the end/beginning of the month.

As an influencer we are able to use and share specific promo codes and special links for free amazon trial services. In order to create codes of your own you need to be selling items as an associate.You can not make a coupon code for just any item (how I Originally thought).

They also have this dope feature where if you post 10 community standard guild line approved videos, you can be eligible to get paid for your reviews and comments on amazon items. This I just figured out literally a week ago, it comes in clutch because I swear i’m always ordering from amazon. This also allows us influencers to have a little bit more control of their earnings and not depend so much on the purchase of other people. If I woulda known about this feature sooner, I would’ve been hopped on dat.

So honestly theres no clear answer as to how I make what I make, since everything is commission based the numbers will never be consistent for me, especially with corona now buttttt its still a way to make money on the side without really breaking your head. This is great for anyone with a high following on any social media site, RECOMMEND AWAY HUNNIE . Amazon needa stop playing and sponsor me already shoooo. .

Just a young and inspired soul, here to share my knowledge and experiences with the world