FameClub Blog post #1

Amazon has different programs one can be apart of. Majority of you guys know about the whole shipping gig they have that allows you to ship people packages in your area, kinda like Uber. We all know They have the warehouse workers, and the normal amazon sellers but did you know about the influencer program ? This program allows influencers that meet their requirements to basically advertise and showcase the products they recommend to their followers, anything on Amazon ofc. So basically your followers can shop your recommendations and you can earn money from qualifying purchases at the same time! To qualify you must have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. They look at the number of followers and engagement of your social media presence.

This is my current report, I don’t really know whats what but I know amazon sending me that cash back

There are a few things you don’t learn in high school. Simple things from brushing your teeth and tying your sneakers to the harder aspects of life like credit scores and health insurance. I had to guide myself through credit all on my own. First steps to building credit are to have an I.D & some sort of consistent income. Either being employed through a company or by being self employed. School income or allowance can also count as income as long as it’s consistent. Credit is basically money that you have to pay back, meaning if you know you can’t pay back money within a certain time frame, do not borrow money. Make sure if you’re borrowing money, you have a consistent income that will allow you to pay it back.


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